Honda 2023 US Edition Off Road Series with Navi Mini

Honda 2023 U.S. Edition Off-Road Series with Navi Mini

Honda Navi For Sale

Many people may turn their noses up at the mention of mini motorcycles, and may think that this very niche model is not going to make it, but there is one such mini motorcycle that has sold over 750,000 units worldwide since its debut in 2014! It is the Grom from Honda, also known as the "Grom". Honda is still very influential in the mini motorcycle market and has recently released a new model.

Honda Navi For Sale

In 2022, Honda added a new member to the Mini family, the Navi, a motorcycle designed as an alternative to personal transportation for short distances, but also offering a scooter-like riding experience. Because it is equipped with a CVT automatic transmission, it has a small body size and low seat height. "It's still a scooter, and although it's an automatic, it's also a crossover.


One of the main selling points of the Honda Navi is its price, which at $1,807 is significantly lower than the Grom or Monkey. Few electric bikes come close to the range of the Navi, with a 3.4L fuel tank, paired with a 109cc displacement four-stroke engine with Honda Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology, capable of reaching a range of about 170km.

Honda Navi For Sale

The Honda Navi has a very unique design with a lockable storage compartment on the side of the engine, which is not very spacious, but it's fine for a pair of gloves and some odds and ends.

Honda Navi For Sale

This bike promises to be a very successful Mini model, just like the Grom, Monkey and Ruckus. And it has easily removable body panels for paint and customization, and Honda has partnered with several aftermarket brands to create more custom modifications. the Navi is available in four colors, Red, Nut Brown, Ranger Green and Grasshopper Green.

At the beginning of March, Honda USA introduced a series of 2023 mid- and small-sized models to the local market: the crossover-style Navi minivan, the first local release of the new entry-level crossover XR150L, the updated lightweight crossover CRF300L/CRF300L ABS, CRF300LS (S for Shorter, Low Seat) and CRF300L Rally, as well as the classic XR650L.

The Navi, with a 109.2 cc air-cooled eSP engine and automatic transmission, is produced in India and will be released to the U.S. market for the first time in 2021. Its relatively low price (official local pricing in the U.S. is $1807) has made it a popular product for Honda USA to counter the growing popularity of Chinese-made electric vehicles. Similar to the other two models, the Ruckus (the American version of the old Zoomer 50) and the Grom (the MSX125), the Navi became the foundation of the tuning scene in the U.S., appealing to many local youths with its subculture.


The three models of the CRF300L series are basically synchronized with the European version, with a new body pattern. The seat height of the CRF300LS for the U.S. market has been reduced from 34.7 inches for the CRF300L/CRF300L ABS (approximately 881.4 mm / 880 mm for the Japanese version of the CRF250L) to 32.7 inches (approximately 830.6 mm / 830 mm for the Japanese version of the CRF250L<s>).

Below: 2023 CRF300L U.S. version.

Below: 2023 CRF300LS U.S. version.


Below: 2023 CRF300L Rally U.S. Edition.

The 2023 XR650L is the same air-cooled, single-cylinder, SOHC, four-valve RFVC, 644 cc engine with a 42.5 mm throttle bore carburetor and a five-speed gearbox. Compared to the 2022 model, the new 2023 model has a new body pattern.

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