T-REX Motorcycle Price

T-REX: The Ultimate Three-Wheeled Sports Car with a Harley Heart

T-REX Motorcycle Price

  1. The Irresistible Charm of Harley Motorcycles

  2. The Insane Combination of Three Wheels and Sports Car

  3. A Perfect Alternative for Those Who Can't Handle American Motorcycles

  4. Impressive Design and Powerful Performance

  5. An Experience Unlike Any Other

  6. Pricing and Competition

  7. Who is the T-REX 16S Designed For?

The Irresistible Charm of Harley Motorcycles

I bet at some point in your life, you've had the urge to own a Harley motorcycle, and that desire has grown deep within you. After seeing its stunning appearance on the road or the screen, you fantasize about driving the best motorcycle from Wisconsin, roaring through your neighborhood. Maybe you've owned a Harley, or maybe you're riding one now, enjoying the complex gazes from onlookers as you pass by.

The Insane Combination of Three Wheels and Sports Car

T-REX Motorcycle Price

However, all thoughts about Harley motorcycles are justifiably beautiful. But doctors, nurses, and police officers often tell us stories about motorcycle riders, which are often tragic and bloody. As time goes by, many people give up on their knightly dreams. Some others simply worry that their hands and feet won't be able to control an American motorcycle as they wish.

A Perfect Alternative for Those Who Can't Handle American Motorcycles

T-REX Motorcycle Price

And then, the Campagna T-REX 16S appeared. Half Harley, half American high-performance sports car, its stance has left a deep impression on everyone who has seen it. Fifteen years ago, in Detroit, Bombardier created the Can-Am Spyder sports car, and Campagna Motors created the T-Rex Roadster, named "T-REX 16S". Now, we are attracted by the T-REX 16S three-wheeled motorcycle.

Impressive Design and Powerful Performance


Don't underestimate the power of this vehicle with fewer wheels. When you think about it, three-wheelers give designers more room to work with. It has one less wheel than a car but has an extra wheel and cabin compared to a motorcycle, providing more creative possibilities. The T-REX 16S is more like a Roadster, except its rear wheel is motorcycle-inspired. Behind the two-seat cockpit lies a 1250cc twin-cylinder engine from Harley-Davidson, similar to the Morgan 3 Wheeler, with a maximum power of 125 horsepower. It features a five-speed sequential manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, meaning it is driven by that single rear wheel.

An Experience Unlike Any Other


The white main color, paired with numerous chrome accessories, exudes elegance and passion, stirring up a strong desire for speed. Once you sit in the cockpit, you'll feel the tight embrace of the leather seat, providing safety and comfort. Like the Morgan 3 Wheeler, it's also quite noisy, possibly even louder when just stopped. However, most people appreciate its sound, which allows us to fully enjoy the pleasure of driving.

T-REX Motorcycle Price and Competition

T-REX Motorcycle Price

The price of this car in the United States is $47,999, excluding shipping. If you want your trike to be chrome-plated like the one in the pictures, you'll need to add an extra $6,000. The T-REX 16S is priced similarly to the Morgan 3 Wheeler and some Harley-Davidson products, making it hard to tell if they are competitors.

Who is the T-REX 16S Designed For?

T-REX Motorcycle Price

It is said that the first owner of a T-REX 16S was an Arabian prince. Besides North America, there is a high demand for this vehicle in Japan. There is also a story about a Vietnamese man with a disability, who lost a leg, and after acquiring the T-REX 16S, felt that his life had brightened up once again.

T-REX Motorcycle Price

In summary, if you find cars and bicycles not thrilling enough, and Harley motorcycles are too extreme for your taste, consider bringing home a T-REX 16S. It's the perfect steel steed you've been looking for.

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